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WordPress at the NAMM Music Show


namm-2016-2Along with being a Web Development firm owner, I am also a lifelong musician. It seems these two disciplines go hand-in-hand in many cases as I’ve met countless developers that are also into music or play in bands! Who’d a thunk it, right?

Last Sunday, my buddy and I set out to see all the latest music making goodies at the NAMM Show. The event was held at the Anaheim Convention Center, so there’s lots of halls and plenty to see! To attend this event properly, you need to plan at least 2-3 days, especially if you attend the show as we buyer for a music retailer. But as happy-go-lucky visitors, we got to gloss over a lot of the things less important and focus on our hit list. Did I mention I walked 8 miles in about 5 hours? Couldn’t believe my eyes when I checked my iPhone Fitness App!

There was so much amazing new equipment and technology. The industry is currently digging into touch technology allowing you to interact, control and compose music with Mobile devices. Super cool…

As I was making my way to the end of the Drum Hall, I spotted an interesting blue and white booth with a familiar logo. What? WordPress is here at the NAMM Show? What the heck are they doing here I asked myself? Got to find out, here we go. I spoke to a woman manning the booth, I asked “What are you guys doing here at the NAMM Show”? She replied, we’ve started an initiative to attend events to get closer with our end users and one of the things that includes is attending trade shows like this one. How cool is that? They seemed very committed and explained how so many musicians use WordPress to market themselves online. With it’s easy to manage user interface and flexibility, WordPress is the website framework of choice for over 25% of ALL active websites online today!

We were so surprised to see WordPress at the NAMM Show, but after thinking about it, it really makes sense. In a huge trade show full of amazing instruments, it was a big surprise for sure, but as a WordPress Development Agency, we were happy to see our favorite development instrument in amongst one of our other passions, music!

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