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Web Hosting in 2016. Choose wisely…

New Storm eMedia Web Hosting Service

Web Hosting in 2016. Choose wisely…

As a web development firm and as you’d imagine, we run the gamut of online web hosts and have ones we like and to others, not so much!

Most normal humans will deal with choosing and using a web host and give it a Set-It and Forget-It mentality. But for developers, we have the lovely task of having to rattle our client’s cage to get the login keys to their kingdom because they always have no idea where that stuff is, which tells you they haven’t seen their web control panel in a very long time, let alone know if their services are working as expected or realize some of the pitfalls of poor service!

We’ve worked with them all; RackSpace, BlueHost, HostGator, Media Temple, GoDaddy, HostNine, and the list goes on. The problem is again, as a normal human being that just wants to build basic website, you really have no idea which of these companies are good or bad and what sets them apart.

The normal criteria to consider for a small website hoisting service usually includes – monthly price, 24/7 support, services offered, etc., but those are all topical details that most users never look past.

One of the biggest offenders we can site is GoDaddy! Or let me put it much more plainly… GoDaddy Sucks and has to be one of the worst web hosts your site can be residing on! They were OK back in the 2007 era, but since being bought a few years ago, have really gone off the deep end! They do provide 24/7 support featuring their boiler room of customer service monkeys that have to put you on hold for ANY question you have cause they have no clue themselves. And you rarely get the same answer twice for the same question which can be a tad frustrating to say the least. We have found over the years that our support call rate to them has gone up dramatically since their sale. Our frustration rate has increased exponentially as well. We’ve encountered the following issues and more on regular basis:

  • Constant GoDaddy Account login issues requiring constant password resets for an account. We’ve even been told we’d have to reset any and every account we have with GoDaddy in order to login insinuating it was our problem and not theirs. GoDaddy rarely admits they have any known issues or outages.
  • Init.php file time outs – that don’t allow us to download needed files into some of our installations such as WordPress. Not a big deal if WordPress wasn’t one of the Most Highly used CMS applications on the web!
  • Speed – GoDaddy Shared Hosting is incredibly slow!
  • Zip Archive Limitations – If your website gets too big in file size, you can’t back it up using File Manager which only leaves an FTP option for you.
  • Professional Tools and Functionality – The minute you a need something more sophisticated than a simple 5 page website, that’s when GoDaddy becomes Compete Crap! As a custom development firm, we customize many aspects of a client’s project. On GoDaddy servers, we run into problems immediately! Scripting issues, conflicts, they upgrade server software without your knowledge, etc.
  • No Customer Relations or Upper Management to speak with if you’re having a major issue that can’t be resolved by one of the tech support monkeys. And if you get pissed off enough, and you threaten to leave, they really don’t care.
  • And many, many more reasons and horror stories we’d be happy to share.

Bottom Line – You get what you pay for in most cases, and Web Hosting is definitely one of those cases! What do you expect for $4.99 a mo.? Do your homework… Look at some of the online reviews about web hosting. And keep in mind that the same company that bought GoDaddy, also bought several other online hosts as well like MediaTemple and will certainly be injecting their Damaged DNA into those companies as well!

We have a New Web Hosting offering for our clients and will be rolling it out shortly. Stay tuned for more upcoming news about our New Web Hosting.

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