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Responsive Web Design – Perform Like a Lamborghini

Being on the web is a constant battle of keeping up with ever changing technology. One of the more recent developments is the emergence of Responsive Web Design. “But what the heck is responsive website design?” Responsive Website Design is a build process that will allow your website to display perfectly on all devices including Desktop Computers, Tablets and Smart Phones. It is accomplished with CSS queries that that detect your devices screen size and adjusts accordingly.

We just happened to visit the Lamborghini Website recently for some serious fantasy time, only to realize that the site is the first we’ve run across in the Automotive Industry built on a Responsive Design! You should be running across this more and more over the next couple years and Lamborghini is definitely leading the way in the car industry in this case.

You probably have no idea if your site is responsive or not. In most cases, it hasn’t been built on a responsive platform and will be a mess on smaller devices. Below is a representation of the same responsive website viewed on the 3 major devices.

Responsive Web Design Screen Shot
Website displaying on 3 devices

With new smartphone and tablet usage taking over the world of web surfing, all of us can check out sites almost anywhere. In just a few years, we now have so many more ways to surf the web, and in the next couple years, mobile internet use is going to exceed desktop usage. All the more reasons why mobile optimization should be a serious consideration for all businesses.

From an SEO standpoint, a responsive site is a far better solution than hosting a separate mobile site along with a desktop version. Instead of optimizing 2 different sites and divide your business value, PR, authority and so on. Not to mention relying on a reliable and up to date user agent to detect the type of device hitting your site.

If you haven’t added mobile optimization to your 2013 To-Do List, we suggest you add it somewhere near the top. Don’t get left in the dust by one of those Italian jobs!

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