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Husqvarna USA – improved web & mobile browser compatibility

Husqvarna Motorcycles USA contacted Storm eMedia to inquire about a website navigation update. After reviewing the website and project, we discovered the main navigation had a problem with web & mobile browser compatibility in newer browsers like – Safari and Internet Explorer. Not to mention the navigation would not display at all on mobile devices……..Big Problem!

We explained the situation to Husqvarna and they gave us a green light to make the necessary updates to make the navigation compatible with ALL devices. Web design can be very challenging at times with all the different web browsers, operating systems and mobile devices out there that need to be taken into consideration.

Sometimes, a project gets developed with an army of developers, off the shelf solutions, and convoluted content management systems. All these lovely ingredients can create complete mayhem, and in this case, it did just that. After we completed our update, the Husqvarna USA website is completely compliant on all web devices. There are many websites and web solutions out there that can create problems for your users that you may not even be aware of. Feel free to contact us for a free evaluation of your website, its functionality and device compatibility.

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