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GoDaddy Outage Takes Down Millions Of Sites, Anonymous Member Claims Responsibility

Were you experiencing problems with your GoDaddy hosted website or email account yesterday? Chances are you were feeling the effects of the website and email  GoDaddy Outage that the Mega Hosting Company was experiencing yesterday. According to several sources, it was either due to an internal error or an attack from an anonymous hacker. Services seemed to be down for 6 plus hours. This is a major inconvenience for those of us that rely on our website presence to be “always” up and running. GoDaddy promises to provide 99.9% uptime. That wasn’t the case yesterday. I wonder if all the affected user accounts will be credited for this disruption??? Ha, Ha, highly doubt it! Funny how we pay without questions for reliable service, but when the roles are reversed, it’s us, the guy at the end of the food chain that told, “Well Mr. Customer, this is that one percent time when services are compromised and a credit will be considered on an individual basis after we realize how long the outage lasts”. That was basically the answer I got when calling GoDaddy support yesterday when clients called us to see what was causing their website and email outage.

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