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Best Practices for Maintaining your WordPress Website

Wordpress Website Maintenance

In this article, we discuss the Best Practices for Maintaining your WordPress Website

Maintaining your WordPress is not always a simple task. Think of your website like a car; it requires maintenance. You don’t just drive it regularly and never touch it again. You have to regularly keep things in order, otherwise you become very vulnerable to exploits and attacks from hack bots. We recommend treating your website like an employee that is working 24/7 for you and your company. Dedicate an annual budget towards keeping your website site safe and well maintained. This is a great concept especially if you own a website that is making you money!

If it gets bad enough, it affects your neighbors that share the same server as well! (Bad Neighbor) Kind of like a cockroach infestation.

Just like when your car is not well maintained, issues can arise and in this case, hackers come to your website and call it home! They insert malicious code into your website installation and wait for an opportune moment to start causing a headache — slowing down or completely disabling websites on the same shared server (not applicable in a Dedicated Hosting scenario), and using your account do it!

How do you prevent this kind of chaos from happening? Keep your WordPress installations and supportive Plug-Ins up-to-date.

Outdated software is a huge problem on the Internet. Often, new versions of software get released solely to fix issues that have been exploited by hackers. So, if your website suffers from well-known hack or bug, it’s already too late! Again, that’s why this article is talking about Maintainence, not Hack Recovery! It pays to be Proactive, not Reactive! So keep all of your installation up-to-date!

WordPress even tries to make this really simple for you. Every time you log in, it checks for updates and displays a banner at the top of your admin panel to let you know about them. The process is very easy and takes less than a minute sometimes. But be aware, IF you have a website that has been customized in ANY way, rely on professionals to make updates for you to avoid losing all of the custom work that makes your website function.

Many clients say, “I don’t login to my site very often”. You don’t eat off the hood of your car very often either, but it pays to keep in in order just in case you ever do. No matter how often you login to post new content on your site, you should still login frequently to update its software (along with any plugins you use). If not, you’re potentially subjecting everyone on the shared server to a potentially harmful situation. It won’t be terribly obvious, but some of the signs are a slow running site, odd links on the site that weren’t there before or advertisements on your site that come from nowhere!

One great solution for this problem is one of our 24/7 Website Monitoring and Update Packages. With this service, we do all the work for you, keeping the WordPress installation and all of its plug-ins up to date as soon as they all are supporting the latest version of WordPress. We also monitor the site 24/7 and if files are being written to the site from an outside source, we’re notified and stop the attack! If you’re not familiar with the importance of compatibility, this is where professionals can relieve your stress by intimately knowing what and when to update. With our 24/7 Website Monitoring and Updates Package, your site stays up to date, and if your website gets hacked while using our service, We Fix Your Website For FREE! Send us an email if you have any questions.

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